'The Faith of Jesus' is not Christianity!

Christianity stands against key doctrines of Moses and the Prophets which Jesus says can never be changed in any way. Matthew 5:17.

Is the fact that the world called the Disciples Christians enough foundation for Christianity? The Apostles, in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, talks about 'the faith or belief of Jesus' which justifies men. Is Christianity as faithful as the Disciples to 'the faith of Jesus Christ' movement which is preached by the Apostles so that we can be branded Christian in the rank of the Disciples? 

Christian in the New Testament

and when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that even for a whole year they were gathered together with the church, and taught much people, and that the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. Acts 11:26 ASV

And Agrippa said unto Paul, With but little persuasion thou wouldest fain make me a Christian. Acts 26:28 ASV

but if a man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God in this name. 1 Peter 4:16 ASV

As a Christian, look into your beliefs. Is there anything that disagrees with the faith of Jesus, keeping in mind Matthew 5:17-18 and Luke 16:17?

But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than for one tittle of the law to fall. Luke 16:17 ASV

If there is one belief that does not check with the faith of Jesus (Messianic or Christian Judaism) in your belief that is a doctrine taught by Christianity, consider yourself not a Christian and Christianity not the religion of the faith of Jesus.

John 3:16 is a cliché to us today. I wonder if anyone has taken the time to dive in the verse to explore it depth. John 3:16 is the foundation of teachings of the Apostles which brings about the expression 'the faith (belief) of Jesus' or 'the faith (belief) in Jesus Christ'.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16 ASV

With Jesus, the cardinal rule of strict adherence to Moses and the Prophets remains.
Jesus (God) asserted in Matthew 5:17-18 the same principle of the unchangeable nature of Moses and the Prophets. He even added that it is more possible that our world can disappear than one character in the alphabet of the letters in Moses to ever change.

If we discard the dogma of immutability of Moses and the Prophets to entertain and adopt changes which men have succeeded in establishing in the faith of the majority of believers in God (Jesus) we are being lead to perdition.

Faced with the rejection of Moses by the Israelites, God (Jesus) did not make adjustments to Moses to bring the Law to par with the trends of time. The only difference then and now is the fulfillment of the rites of which the body of Jesus (God) was the shadow of the actual killings of the Lamb.

Christianity against 'the faith of Jesus'

Different Foundations

'The faith (belief) of Jesus' is built upon the Law and the Prophets according to Jesus (Matthew 5:17-18, Luke 16:17).

Christianity is built upon Sunday, the wrong resurrection day because, according to the manuscripts, the women went to the sepulcher of Jesus early morning on the first of the (7) sabbaths, which is a Saturday.

In the Faith of Jesus, the holy convocation is called on the seventh day of the week as per the Pentateuch.
In Christianity, Sunday as been decreed by men as the day of convocation.

Mediator between God the Father and mankind

In faith of Jesus, Jesus is the Mediator between the new God the Father and men.

Christianity (not all the Protestant groups) emphasizes Virgin Mary as the mediator between Jesus and men.

The Identity of God

In the Faith of Jesus, Jesus is presented as YHWH God, Son of God the Father, King of Israel, the Creator who became flesh to redeem all wiling men. 

Christianity is confused about who God is. To some God the Father is YHWH God. To others, God is a Trinity. Trinity gas different meanings for each believer. One believer told me that Jesus is together God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

The Identity of Jesus

In the Faith of Jesus, Jesus is YHWH God born as MESSIAH YHWH in city David, Son of God the Father, King of Israel who is YHWH.

In Christianity, Jesus is Archangel Michael even that false characterization is debunked in the epistles to the Hebrews.

By the way, confession with the mouth of all believers of the identity of Jesus is one of the requirements for salvation (Romans 10:9-11).

Different Legislators

In Christianity, God (Jesus) legislates in matters of faith and behavior to be saved. Jesus says His words can never be changed. He adds that it is easier for our world to disappear than for any character on a letter in the body of His commandments.

In Christianity, men (spiritual leaders of the denominations or churches) legislate - against the laws of Jesus- in matters of faith and behavior. Men assume the power to change the unchangeable words of Jesus as they see fit. 


The Faith of Jesus forbids idolatry.

Christianity embraces idolatry in christened saints.

Protestant Christianity, perhaps unbeknownst to them, idolizes their founders whose words take precedence over the words of Jesus.